Your Pet's Surgery


Advancements in veterinary care have allowed surgical procedures to be much safer than ever before. At Randolph Animal Hospital, you can be confident that your pet will be provided the highest quality of care with the most compassionate approach. This includes the latest pain management protocols, the most advanced monitoring equipment, and the safest anesthesia available, all under the supervision of our highly trained technical staff. IV fluid therapy maintains blood pressure, replaces blood loss, speeds recovery and can be used to administer emergency life saving drugs. An IV catheter will be placed and fluids administered to all pets six years and older. We do offer and recommend this to patients of all ages.

Anesthesia and Monitoring


In our continuing efforts to provide both you and your pet with the best and most advanced surgical care possible, we have invested heavily in the latest anesthetic administration and cardiovascular monitoring equipment. Surgeries are performed in our state-of-the-art surgery suite where the most up-to-date pain management techniques and the safest anesthetic agents are used.


Anesthesia is individualized for your pet based upon a number of factors including the type of procedure, his or her pre-existing conditions, blood test values, age, breed and prior anesthetic experience. We limit the amount of anesthesia by employing pre-medications and sedatives.


During anesthesia and surgery, your pet is constantly monitored by a trained veterinary technician as well as with an advanced electronic monitoring device that measures vital parameters such as pulse oximeter and capnomitry. Additionally, your pet receives IV fluids to maintain blood pressure and hydration.



Staffed by a team of highly trained veterinarians and experienced veterinary technicians and assistants, we are proud to provide you and your pet with a wide range of surgical procedures.


In addition to standard neuter/spay procedures, the veterinary surgeons at Randolph Animal Hospital are qualified to perform advanced surgical procedures including ophthalmic (eye), otic (ear), orthopedic (bones and joints), gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines), and urogenital (kidney, bladder and reproductive organs).


You and your pet also benefit from the expertise of our well qualified staff. Our veterinary technicians and assistants have decades of experience and receive continuing education on a regular basis. Working alongside the surgeons, these technicians keep a very close watch on your pet both during and after surgery.

In addition to the services provided on site, we work closely with several veterinary referral hospitals for more advanced and complicated cases. We have developed strong relationships with the veterinarians and staff members at these facilities to ensure that your pet receive the same level of care that is found at Randolph Animal Hospital.

Pain Management


Like us, your pet feels pain and discomfort. Recognizing and alleviating pain in your pet is the essence of good veterinary care. Our standard hospital procedure is based around pain elimination and we are dedicated to perfecting that art. We want to provide your beloved pet with a painless and stress-free experience.


Pain management is an important part of our intra- and post-surgical protocols. The less pain your pet experiences, the faster his or her recovery time will be. We provide pain medication to all pets following surgery. At discharge, we may send additional pain management medication home with you and your pet. Management of your pet's pain is a top priority throughout time he or she is under our care.


Our commitment to providing the highest quality care and comfort to you and your beloved pet extends well beyond our four walls. We welcome your visit and your questions.