Our staff
Gina Manica
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Gina Manica

Non Registered Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Girly – Jack Russell Mix (9 Years)

2: Chico – Poodle Mix (4 Years)

3: Chuy – Jack Russell Mix/ Poodle Mix (1 Year)

I love to cruise around in my Subie (car) and washing him.

I enjoy watching YouTube and spending lots of time with my family. I also enjoy listening to music.

I like working here because I get to do what I love every day. I enjoy being there for animals who need it the most. Working here gives me the opportunity to be a voice for the animals who need it.

Kimberly Hall
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Kimberly Hall

Non Registered Technician/ Inventory Control

Pets and Hobbies

1:Thug Bunny – DSH (3 Years)

2: Brutus – Cat (7 Years)

3: Lucille – Cat (4 Years)

4: Zip – Blue Heeler Mix (9 Years)

5: Peaches – Dachshund (7 Years)

6: Sage – Red Heeler (4 Years)

7: Neo – Standard Poodle (1 Year)

8: Apache – Quarter Horse (17 Years)

9: Levi – Quarter Horse (6 Years)

10: Butter – Appaloosa Horse (10 Years)


In my “free time” I spend time with my daughter (6 months). I enjoy gardening, cooking and kayaking with my dog peaches. I also enjoy fishing and random road trips.

I love the family atmosphere. We have a great group of hardworking folks with a love for the job.

Cameron Owens
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Cameron Owens

Hospital Manager/Non-Certified Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Dozer – Pit Bull (~ 8 Years?....Adopted as an adult)

2: M.J. – Pit Bull (2 Years)

3: Stewart – American Bull Dog (~ 3 Years?..... Adopted as an adult)

4: Minxey – Cat (9 Years)

5: Nomad – Cat (4 Years)

I love spending my free time traveling with my husband when we are able or just sitting at home (preferably outside if it’s warm 😊) with my pets enjoying life.

Randolph Animal Hospital is my second home and family. I don’t like working here, I LOVE IT! The Doctors and entire staff are absolutely incredible and I am blessed to have to opportunity to work with them all. I learn something new every day and I love that I have to ability to forever grow in this field of employment.

Christina Kelly
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Christina Jacqueline Kelly

Non Registered Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Roxy – Chihuahua (10 Years)

2: Charlie – German Shephard Mix (4 Years)

Kayaking and walking trails with my dog Charlie.

All employees care about all our patients as if they were their own and work to the best of their abilities every day.

Ali Royal
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Ali Royal

Non Registered Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Molly Mae – Shih Tzu (11 Months)

2: Baby – Cat (2 Years)

I spend most of my free time cuddling with my dog, playing with baby, riding four wheelers and chilling at the lake.

I like working at the animal hospital because everyone here cares so much about what they do. No one here treats it as just another job. They all care so much about the animals and their fellow employees.

Ryan Clifton
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Ryan Clifton 

Non Registered Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Bruno – Pit Bull (1 Year)

2: Shelby – Cat (Unsure of age)

I enjoy reading and working out. I also enjoy traveling and making new memories with my boyfriend and our dog.

Everyone’s number one concern is the animals. It is like working with a big family and all of us have the same passion.

Courtney Hill
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Courtney Caroline Hill

Front Office Manager

Pets and Hobbies

1: Porter Cole – Sharpei (9 Months)

2: Rosie – Sharpei (3 Years)

3: Sissy – Sharpei (12 Years)

4: Owen – Chow/Sharpei Mix (10 Years)

5: Jake – English Coon Hound (10 Years)


Spending time and traveling with my husband and 2 sons, Wyatt (8 years) and Wesson (4 years).

  • Enjoy concerts and volleyball.

Randolph Animal Hospital has a wonderful family atmosphere, everyone here truly cares about each other, our clients and their pets.

Amanda Ellison
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Amanda Ellison

Non Registered Technician/ Receptionist

Pets and Hobbies

1: Lilly – Boston Terrier (10 Years) 2: Pa-Patches – DSH (2 Years)

3: Belle – Pit Mix (5 Years)

I spend my free time with my two children, Savannah and Chase. We spend a lot of our time being involved with baseball and basketball with Chase and band with Savannah. I love being involved with my kids extracurricular activities.

I love working at this animal hospital because I have never met a friendlier and more caring group of people that work so well together for a common cause. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!​

Buffy Williams
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Buffy Williams


Pets and Hobbies

Riley – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (9 years)


I enjoy the outdoors. I like going to the zoo, hiking and any kind of sports. I love spending time with my husband and my dog Riley, I also enjoy cooking and baking.

I enjoy being part of a hard-working team. I love animals and others who have the same love for their pets/companions.

Chelsea Crotts
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Chelsea Crotts

Non Registered Technician

Pets and Hobbies

1: Marley – Husky (3 Years

2: Tinky – Chihuahua Mix (3 Years)

I enjoy four-wheeling, gardening and taking my dogs hiking.

I love working for Randolph Animal Hospital because each doctor and staff member genuinely care for every pet as they would their own. I’ve wanted to work with animals since I was a child and I feel like there is no better place for me to be. Not only do I love the animals but I also everyone here. I couldn’t ask for a better team to be a part of!